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About Us

We design and computationally validate new and existing products and machines for our valued partner firms who dwell in the fields of Medical Respiratory systems, Textile Industry , Food Industry, Automotive Industry etc

By using Advanced CAE tools and engineering knowledge positions our team uniquely to develop high quality and reliable product in speedy and accurate manner. 

We can help our partners optimize their product or machine's design for enhanced lifecycle or performance  to gain keen edge over their competitors. 

Our Services

Product Design & Development (PDD)

Our design approach has been innovation through validation proof based, we have been solving design issues with speed, agility and innovation driven approach. Validation through performance analysis using CFD and structural analysis using FEA provides us unique advantage for solving tough design challenges.  

Our Core Focus since last few years have been on the Medical Devices and Electronics Devices Design & Development.

Helped Numerous Clients End to End design to bring their dreams in to reality.   

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy , frequency and vibration "-  Nikola Tesla 

Our expertise in Vibration, Structural and Thermal analysis has been very important factor in problem solving for our reputed clients from textile machines, pallet making,  automobile, Storage units, Medical Equipment etc. We have successfully completed more than 250 Structural and Vibration Analysis problems for our clients and count goes on. It has been our pleasure to address multiple national level conferences on Vibration Analysis to be connected with the community of Vibration problem solvers for past few years. 

You will find us extremely efficient in solving problems in the domain of Static Analysis , Vibration Analysis , Time Transient Analysis along with material and other analytical non linearities. 

Different Gauges We Deliver

We work in Standard and Customized Gauges  for all industries

Switches We Deal IN

We Deal with Automotive Two Wheeler Switches in Commendable Quantities for Auto Manufacturers of Medium Scales

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our expert team has been working efficiently to solve performance analysis problems from the components as huge as baghouse filters to as small as electronics component cooling paths. It has been diverse experience for us to be able to work with variety of clients from the domains of Pollution Reduction and filtration, medical equipment, electronic cooling, exhaust manifolds, renewable energy development, electric vehicles etc.  We have dealt with complex flow domains and static as well as time transient problems, phase change problems while working with our reputed customers successfully.

Multiple research institutes around Pune have been consulting us for the flow analysis and system performance domain expertise.